Online Flexible Fitness Training

Your mind supports your body and your body supports your mind. In order to achieve anything, first your mind needs to be strong and then the rest follows. Hence, this program has been designed to work on both aspects: your body and your mind.

Our training is for everyone because we customise the training according to each individual’s fitness level and requirements.

Training Content

– Movements (Parkour, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and Yoga)

– Therapeutic training – Pranayama – Relaxation – Food – Lifestyle


You will:

  • learn Parkour, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and Yoga all under one umbrella
  • improve your strength, flexibility, agility, speed, power, balance, coordination, and also your cardiovascular and muscle endurance in a fun way
  • improve your physical and mental growth beyond your expectations
  • train injury-free under safe and proper guidance
  • enjoy and feel inspired with your own progress
  • never be bored with our training
Body Immunity, Concentration, Posture, Good Habits, Patience, Fitness Level, Lifestyle, Self-limiting Habits, Mental Strength, Performance in other sports
Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Winning Attitude, Leadership Quality, Athletic Discipline, Energy Level, Positivity & Creativity
Asthma, Constipation, Migraine, Menstrual issues, Back pain, Slipped disc, Cervical spondylosis, Muscular pain, Joint pain, Stress-related disorders
Weight management and Body Toning

Online / Offline Training

Training language : English or Hindi

Online Training will be conducted at any location around the globe at your preferred days and time (based on availability of coaches).

Offline Training is available in the following cities:

Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, Delhi / NCR, Karnal (Haryana), Bangalore, Mysuru, Chennai, Hyderabad & Indore

Fee Structure

Fee for online training or offline training are same.
Personal and Group training fees vary depending on the coach and their working experience.

Personal Training

8 sessions per month.
Duration of each session is 1 hour.

1 Month Fee
: There are six options:

1st – Rs. 10,000
2nd – Rs. 12,000
3rd – Rs. 16,000
4th – Rs. 20,000
5th – Rs. 25,000
6th – Rs. 30,000

3 Months Fee
: There are six options:

1st – Rs. 29,000
2nd – Rs. 35,000
3rd – Rs. 45,000
4th – Rs. 55,000
5th – Rs. 70,000
6th – Rs. 85,000

Group Training

8 sessions per month.
Duration of each session is 1 hour.

1 Month Fee
: There are four options:

1st – Rs. 4,000
2nd – Rs. 6,000
3rd – Rs. 8,000
4th – Rs. 10,000

3 Months Fee
: There are four options:

1st – Rs. 11,000
2nd – Rs. 16,000
3rd – Rs. 22,000
4th – Rs. 28,000

Group Training is suitable for those who want to enjoy training with a group of people.
Personal Training is suitable for those who want personal and undivided attention for faster growth.

Flexible Fitness Certified Coaches


Preeti Lele

Sonali Ghia

Yashoda Bairagi

Saloni Walvekar

Sudipta Mondal

Anupa Rohra

Ankita Jagetiya

Vaishali Dagli

Shivaperumal Thevar

Karan Gupta

Satyam Sharma

Kishlay Kumar

Pooja Pandey

Manisha Alkunte

Karishma Goenka

Priyanka Andoria

Neha Bhatara

Meenu Choudhary

Anmol Baharani


Garima Gulati

Rashmeemayee Mohapatra

Ekta Chaurasia

Teja Shah Mehta

Tarka Chandra

Likivi Israni

Yash Jain

Atharva Adep

Piyush Kumar


Pampam Sharma

Vinay Sharma


Damini Sharma

Arti Sharma

Rabina Sharma

Munjay Sharma

Dr. Aman Jain

Delhi / NCR

Karnal (Haryana)

Delhi / NCR


Karnal (Haryana)




Rohit Minz

Preeti Kullu

Pradeep Krishnamurthy Hirisave






Jaspreet Kaur


Gautam Kothari




Dhwani Sharma

Above Coaches will conduct your Personal Training and Group Training

All Flexible Fitness coaches are certified and eligible to conduct fitness training sessions online or offline. They can customise the fitness training program for each individual to meet their fitness requirements.

Flexible Fitness System is not responsible for any mishap during or after training.
Our promise to you: Our certified coaches impart training that is completely safe provided you follow the instructions 100%.

It would be great if you could share your experience of training with our coaches.
You can write to:

Thank you for choosing us!