FLEXIBLE FITNESS is offering different kinds of fitness workshops, designed in different levels which may be either for Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Events for any age group across India and out of the country.

Balance Fitness Workshop

As the name suggests this workshop is structured to teach a more balanced approach toward fitness.

Fitness Elements covered are :










Fitness Skills used are :



Athletic training etc



Features are :

Creative way of training

Fun filled activities

Challenges according to participant’s level

Performer Workshop

This workshop particularly focuses on teaching advanced skills for performance on shows etc.

Features of this workshop are :

This workshop guarantees a leap of one level from the current level of participants fitness.

This workshop is specially designed for people who want to have super fit body as well as learn and perform “wow” movements like Handstand, Hand walk, Muscle Ups, Human Flag, Back Lever, Back Flip etc.

Parkour Workshop

Parkour is an art of displacement, where you use your body to move from place A to B. This workshop focuses on Parkour moves and its conditioning.

Conditioning :

Innovative drills for Upper body, Lower body, Core, over all body according to the participants fitness level.

Skills :

Two Handed Vault

Kong Vault

Lazy Vault

Speed Vault

Cat leap etc

Calisthenics Workshop

This workshop particularly focuses on body weight workout which is called Calisthenics.

Conditioning :

Innovative drills for Upper body, Lower body, Core, over all body according to the participants fitness level for Calisthenics moves.

Skills :

Pull Ups

Clap Pull Ups

Bar dips

Muscle Up




Human Flag etc

Human Flag Workshop

This workshop particularly focuses on Human Flag and its different levels.

Basic requirement : 

Pull Ups , Push Ups, Bar Dips, Leg raise

Contents :

Techniques for Human Flag

Variations of Human Flag

Flexibility Workshop

This workshop is for people who wants to focus on their flexibility. Simple techniques and secrets to attain extra ordinary flexibility will be shared in this workshop.

Flexibility of over all body, segregating it further the focus would be









Relaxation Techniques :

To improve over all flexibility

Self Defence Workshop

This workshop focuses on real life self defence. Its not a lot of techniques but simple secrets of its application.

Contents :

Practical use of physical fitness in self defence

Use of hands, legs and teeth as weapon.

Sharpening of your “weapons”.

Use of simple objects like keys, glass or any obstacle available easily

Its application in real life

Handstand & Hand Walk Workshop

There are many levels of Handstand and Hand walk. This Workshop is designed to teach how to do it practically step by step and different variations of it.

Contents :

Easy step by step learning

Customized instructions as per the participant’s fitness level

Advance levels of Handstand :

Pike Handstand

Straddle Handstand

Handstand on Parallel bar

Handstand on wall

Handstand anywhere

Hand walk downstair

General details for all Workshops

Workshop Coach

Gunjan Sharma & Team


3 hours

Location City

As preferred by the participant

Maximum Participants


Age Group

Kids and Adult batch should be separate

Workshops Pricing

For India

Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh & Goa

One Workshop

Rs 45000

Other Cities

One Workshop

Rs 65000

For Outside India

One Workshop


Two Workshop


Three Workshop


* Travel + Visa + Stay to be paid additionally

* Packages offer valid for within the same trip



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Minimum One and maximum Eighty.

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