Flexible Fitness School Training

This program is designed keeping safety as the utmost priority. Each session is enjoyable and provides students with a sense of achievement.
Through our 20+ years of experience, we have learnt that our mind supports our body and vice-versa.
Therefore, in order to accomplish anything in life, we need to develop mental strength and focus and then the rest follows.
Skills taught (from basic to advanced levels): Parkour, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Functional Fitness, Athletic Training, Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Why Flexible Fitness in Schools?

A school is a place where students learn and build a strong foundation for themselves which determines their future course in life. It is clear that the school is the starting point for a child, and we would like to use that opportunity and platform to contribute towards making children happy, efficient, permanently healthy and fit for life!

Quick to Learn

Our habits determine who we are. In childhood, it is easy to learn and adopt good habits, such as a healthy lifestyle, exercising, having a positive attitude and outlook to life. These good habits are not taught by the use of force or pressure, instead our coaches serve as role models and children inculcate good habits just by interacting with them during class.

Never get Bored of Having Fun

Children get easily bored with repetitive activities. With a lot of variety in each of our sessions, coupled with our unique and engaging teaching methodology, children have a lot of fun.

Enjoyed by All

The teaching methods we employ are customised to meet the needs of children with differing physical abilities. It is easy to teach children who are already physically fit, but with our experience and skills we can help even those children who are not as fit as the others.

Cultivate Richer Habits

Through our training, students cultivate basic and essential values, such as:

  • adopting good habits
  • eating healthy and avoiding junk food
  • cultivating a positive self-image
  • appreciating others
  • maintaining positivity regardless of the situations they are faced with


There are numerous benefits of FF classes that are easily observed in every session and in the long term

  • Improves: fitness levels, posture, immunity, mental strength, concentration, patience, good habits, lifestyle, performance in other sports and eliminates self-limiting habits
  • Increases: self-confidence, self-esteem, winning attitude, leadership qualities, athletic discipline, energy levels, positivity and creativity
  • Helps: weight management and body toning

Bonus Benefits

In our program, students will also learn and experience the importance and necessity of regular exercise in all phases of life.

  • How to develop and maintain a strong immune system
  • How to stay away from ailments for life, such as weakness, obesity, constipation, asthma
  • How to develop self-belief and a positive approach in any given situation
  • How exercise generates and maintains positivity